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Website made with love developed the CELTA Gálapagos ( website using a bespoke CMS and Wordpress from 2014 until 2018. Website made with love also acted as a consultant for all social media and SEO aspects.

We are very sorry to see the business having sees and therefore decided to create this little free website for CELTA Gálapagos in 2018.

Website made with love worked for CELTA Gálapagos free of charge due to the charitable nature of this business trying to teach the locals on the Gálapagos islands English locals in order to cope with the vast growing tourists.

With great regret, I have to announce that my project "CELTA Galápagos - Teach English In South America & Volunteer" is coming to an end. After 4 years of running this wonderful project, it is time to throw in the towel and pursue new avenues.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the teachers and students who helped to make this project so wonderful. Especially during the start up stages, as well as seeing the project through some low times. Particularly, I would like to thank Joffre Villagomez for his hard work and Ivonne Torres for her ongoing support from the Municipality of Santa Cruz, as well as Website made with love for the loyal and unwavering belief in this project. I will always be thankful for all the help you've given me along the way.

My heart still belongs to the Galapagos Islands and I hope some day in the future I will come back with a new project that can have a more positive impact on the community and natural environment.

Many thanks,

Website: CELTA Gálapagos

Website made with love - Building websites with passion that work! Website made with love - Building websites with passion that work!

The passion for my work is my motivation. Being able to put my creativity in motion gives me a charge of unique energy and seeing the satisfied customer of the project I have created is my greatest satisfaction.
Die Leidenschaft für meine Arbeit ist meine Motivation. Die Fähigkeit, meine Kreativität in Bewegung zu setzen, bringt mir einzigartige Energie und der zufriedene Kunde des von mir geschaffenen Projekts ist meine größte Zufriedenheit.
La passione per il mio lavoro è la mia motivazione. Poter mettere in movimento la mia creatività mi da una carica di energia unica e vedere il cliente soddisfatto del progetto che abbiamo creato è la mia soddisfazione maggiore.

I love challenges, I want to stay in motion and explore new horizons.
Ich liebe Herausforderungen, ich möchte in Bewegung bleiben und neue Horizonte erkunden.
Adoro le sfide, mettermi in gioco restare in movimento ed esplorare nuovi orizzonti.

I live the construction of the website as an adventure, every project an experience, a new place to visit, to study, and to explore with the utmost enthusiasm.
Ich erlebe den Aufbau der Website als Abenteuer, jedes Projekt als Erlebnis, einen neuen Ort, um zu besuchen, zu studieren und mit größter Begeisterung zu erkunden.
Vivo la costruzione del sito web come un’avventura, ogni progetto un’esperienza, un posto nuovo da visitare, da studiare ed esplorare con il massimo dell’entusiasmo.

Innovations, solutions, proposals, always on the move. I look around and I take inspiration from the most different sources. Contaminations, suggestions and collaborations allow me to start the project.
Innovationen, Lösungen, Vorschläge, immer in Bewegung Ich schaue mich um und lasse mich von den unterschiedlichsten Quellen inspirieren. Durch Kontaminationen, Vorschläge und Kooperationen kann ich mit dem Projekt beginnen.
Innovazioni, soluzioni, proposte, sempre in movimento mi guardo attorno e colgo ispirazione dalle più differenti fonti. Contaminazioni, suggerimenti e collaborazioni mi permettono di dare il via al progetto.

In every project I inevitably leave a part of myself, my experience, my feeling and knowing that it is perceived, lived, looked at, studied, loved, hated, listened to, or read by my infinite satisfaction.
In jedem Projekt hinterlasse ich unweigerlich einen Teil von mir, meine Erfahrung, mein Gefühl und das Wissen, dass es von meiner unendlichen Zufriedenheit wahrgenommen, gelebt, betrachtet, studiert, geliebt, gehasst, gehört oder gelesen wird.
In ogni progetto inevitabilmente lascio una parte di me, una mia esperienza, una mia sensazione e sapere che viene percepita, vissuta, guardata, studiata, amata, odiata, ascoltata o letta mia da infinite soddisfazioni.

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