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The Castle of Sammezzano (Castello di Sammezzano) is surrounded by a large park and is located near Leccio, in the town of Reggello, within the province of Florence.

History and Description

The main building is an eclectic Moorish-style construction, the effect of the nineteenth-century renovation of a large farm built in 1605 by the Ximenes D'Aragon family. The history of the place is however older and is traced back to Roman times. Historian Robert Davidsohn, in his History of Florence, states that in 780 Carlo Magno might have gone back from Rome, where he had baptized his son from the Pope.

The estate of which the castle belonged belonged to several important families during the centuries: the Altovites, then to the will of Cosimo, to Giovanni Jacopo de ‘Medici, who finally sold it to Sebastiano Ximenes. These belonged to the Ximenes d'Aragona family until the last heir, Ferdinand, who died in 1816.

In a cabreo drawn by engineer Giuseppe Faldi in 1818, the castle appears as a structure of considerable volume, with bastion and entrance stairs, in the opposite direction to that of the existing access stairs and of which there is no longer any trace. Then, after a long process of Ferdinando Ximenes's will, the goods, name, coat of arms and titles of the Ximenes d'Aragona family, as well as the extensive estate of Sammezzano, passed to the eldest son of Vittoria, Ferdinand's sister; Niccolò Panciatichi's wife.

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